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Tips for secure buying online

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The convenient, cashless ordering of clothes, games, and even groceries is enticing more and more people to shop online. But although the concept of online shopping is largely considered safe, there is still a risk for consumers of losing money to dubious shops without ever receiving the goods. However, these fraud traps in online business can be avoided if you, as a buyer, pay attention to factors such as the seal of approval, secure payment processes, the imprint, ratings, and much more.

What to look for

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A very important feature of an online shop is the imprint. This is required by law for online shops and other commercially operated websites. The imprint must be easy to find for visitors to the website.

It contains important information on the name and address of the provider, the name of the authorized representative, and data that enable quick electronic contact as well as direct communication. In addition, the imprint on the responsible supervisory authority, information from the register, and the registration number or, for example, the tax identification number or business identification number must be available.

If the online shop does not have an imprint or if this is incomplete, it is better not to order from this provider.

Privacy Protection

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When reading the information on data protection, care should be taken to ensure that the online retailer complies with the statutory data protection guidelines. In addition, it should be checked that the data provided is only used for sales processing and that no information is passed on to third parties. If an online shop does not meet these conditions, there is reason to assume that sensitive data is being circulated and thus misused.

The online shop provider should also be open and transparent when it comes to delivery. For example, there should always be a way to contact the operator. In addition, an exact delivery period should be specified for the product and easily findable. As soon as information such as “delivery times are not binding” or the like is made on the website, it is advisable to question the trustworthiness of this provider and to check the seriousness of the shop.

More Information

The online retailer is obliged to confirm the order as well as to provide the consumer with detailed information about the right of withdrawal. The order confirmation should be sent to you immediately. This is usually done by email. This document should clearly state whether the contract has been accepted. In addition, the confirmation must contain imprint information.

Another possibility to check the seriousness of an online shop is to research internet forums, which deal with reviews and information about online shops. Here, too, caution is required, as these ratings can also come from the shop owner himself.

If there is a clickable box at the time of purchase that you allow the retailer to pass on your data to third parties, you should under no circumstances agree to this. In addition, the seriousness of the online shop should be questioned again at this moment.

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