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Set Back And What I Do About It

changes to our lives

We live in a fast-changing world. Just 2 years ago I was just hired on to a job. I had been in the office for a few weeks and was almost done with my training when the message came we all had to work from home.

The firs set back

The Covid virus had a big impact in that time on my life since I just had that new job.

That was not easy to adjust and with the online meetings we had I stayed on track with my training but it took longer in my opinion than if we had the options to meet face to face.

But sometimes you just have to go with the flow and try to make the best out of a situation you are in.

I adjusted to the new situation and developed a daily routine with meetings, training, and getting work done.

At the beginning of this year 2021, it started to look a little better and the number of infections went slowly down to a number that many companies starting to think about letting people come back to the office.

I got messages with pictures of how our office was re-designed and this all was to ensure we could keep our 6 feet social distance and that the way we moved around in the office was kind of a one-way street.

I was looking forward to going back to the office and enjoying working with people I could actually see and interact with life instead of through a computer screen.

In that time I also started this website to keep me busy and keep my skills up and maybe even improve.

The Next set Back

Just when I was getting used to the idea that I would have to change my routine again and figuring in the commute back and to work and how I can incorporate my shopping and social life in that new rhythm the Delta variant started to race around the world.

The message came that going back to the office was postponed for another few months to see how this new condition would develop.

This made it necessary to go back to my old routine and for now, forget meeting my colleagues in person.

What I do now

Since it looks like this will take a while again I have to accept the fact that I will spend more time alone and will have to do much of my socializing again by using my phone and sticking to text messaging and maybe using face-time.

I am planning on writing more here on the Fast Gush and the subjects will probably be more about my plans for the future and how I see that my future will be for the short term and my vision for the long term.

The Advantages

It is not all bad news of course. There are always parts of any situation that can be seen as an advantage. The thing I gained most from the Covid virus is time.

I have a lot more time to do things I think are important that I did not have too much time for before. The reason is that I was spending about an hour and a half in travel time for my job. that is time I can spend now doing things I enjoy.

I am starting to develop a serious interest in cooking and as you maybe read I have bought a grill that I use more and more to eat healthier. I also started using my new pellet grill more now I have more time to cook at home.

The Future?

I guess that sooner or later when the vaccination percentages are up we can go back to having a more normal life. However, I still think that this Covid virus will have a long-lasting impact on the world.

If you read this let me know your thoughts and how it has changed your life.

William Roberts

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