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Keeping Chicken At Home

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Can a chicken be considered a pet …? Definitely yes, even if it is a rather strange animal. Most kids love having chickens in the yard

Ideally, the chicken has a piece of open land and a shelter where it is possible to take refuge and sleep. It is a bad idea to keep the hen on a floor inside a cage, and worse to let her roam around the house; unless you don’t mind the chicken leaving samples of its ” personality ” on the TV, on the floor, on the table and chairs and in general all over the floor.

Think chickens have abundant and scattered ” personality, “and you will hardly be able to get them to use cat sand to deposit most of their relentless “personality.”

But since there are tastes for everything, we will tell you some very nice chicken breeds. In addition, with the hen, you can establish a “Quid pro quo” of agreed interests: you provide food and cereals, and in return, you can eat your fetuses, that is, the eggs you lay daily.

There are not many people who want to keep a chicken in a city apartment, but such people still exist. The reason for this desire may be both the love for these healthy birds and the practical goal of constant access to fresh eggs and organic meat.

But keeping chickens at home is not an easy task, accompanied by many restrictions and features, which we will consider in the article.

Raising Chicken

Raising chicken is not something to take lightly. You need to know at least the basics and the needs before getting started. here is a video to help you get started.

The benefits of keeping poultry at home: 

  • when the egg-laying period ends, the chickens go for meat, which is always preferable to the product from the store; 
  • you know exactly what you fed the chicken and in what conditions it was kept, and therefore you can be sure of the quality of its products; 
  • housing maintenance provides home-made meat and egg products for people who do not have the opportunity to live in a village or a settlement in a private house and own animal husbandry; 
  • psychological function – taking care of birds is pleasant; they become not only useful but also beloved family members; 
  • chickens, which were taken for maintenance at a very young age (about a couple of days from hatching), are very attached to a person, love to spend time with him, and even ask to be stroked.

In most cases, the neighbors are very unhappy with this since the roosters in the middle of the night begin to scream, the hens’ cackle and the smell from the waste products of birds is quite harsh and unpleasant for the city dwellers.

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The chick can live in a cage like a bird, but you have to choose it very wide to move freely. In it, you have to put wood shavings that are not cedar or pine. However, if you are aware of him, you can let him go out and walk around the house.

If you let them run in your yard or even in a large coop they help you get rid of bugs as ticks and slugs.

Feeding And what can he eat when he’s so tiny? It is best to give it a specifically prepared feed for this type of animal. However, it can be given, for example, wheat, corn, or pipes sunflower peeled for picotee. The diet can also be made up of some vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage leaves, or spinach.


As hard it might be after taking care of chicken for many years. Sooner or later they stop laying eggs and you have to decide what to do. Economically you should slaughter them and eat them. You can either put them in the soup and make some great chicken soup or you can cook them on a BBQ.

That last option will only work if the chicken is not extremely old.

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