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I Joined The BBQ World

I never was too much interested in using a BBQ myself. I enjoyed eating some great-tasting outdoor cooked food with friends as long as they took care of the grilling.

However, recently something changed and in this picture, you can see the result.

My new bbq
My new Z grill

The Whole Story

One of the main reasons I never cared too much about using a grill is that I did not like to use charcoal. I have seen friends’ hands get dirty and cleaning up after cooking was not worth that hassle for me.

I had been thinking about a gas grill. However, the same friends told me that meat on a propane grill does not have the same taste as meat that is grilled on charcoal. According to them, it misses that typical taste that everybody likes.

So, after talking and hearing about that I almost decided to get a small charcoal grill and just deal with the mess. Although I knew I would not like it.

When I told one of my friends that and he knew how much I hated charcoal he mentioned the option of a pellet grill and in particular the Z grills brand.

I had never heard of a pellet grill and since he mentioned it had nothing to do with charcoal and you can still get the taste of wood in your meat I was all ears.

What are pellet grills?

If you are like me and not so informed when it comes to grilling and outdoor cooking here is a short explanation of what a pellet grill is.

As the name already gives it away actually. They use wood pellets to make the fire and this all happens totally automated. That is my way of cooking :-). I am not so crazy about the mess you get with charcoal.

The only things you need are a pellet grill, pellets, and electricity. Compare that to messing with bags of charcoal. Not a hard choice to make in my situation.

What you do is put the wood pellets in the grill into a big thing called a hopper and this hopper feeds the pellets in the firebox. This heats up the grill to the temperature you like it to be.

Another big advantage for me was the fact that there is hardly any cleaning up to do afterward. The residue and there is very little, can be vacuumed out.

How To Use A Pellet grill.

It is very easy to use a pellet grill. Basically, all you do is plug it in a 120 volts outlet and turn it on. All you have to make sure of is that you have pellets in the hopper and for the rest, the grill does it all for you.

There is a lot of electronics that that care of the whole process. It makes sure that the grill stays at the temperature you set it on. Al I know is that it feeds the pellets faster or slower and that makes the temperature go up or down.

More options on my Z grill

There are dozens of brands and the reason that I opted for a Zgrill is that my friends recommended them to me. They claim that they have a very good price to quality rating compared to many other brands.

The extras that came on my z grill is that there are probes that you can place in your meat to check the internal temperature and this ensures that you take your meat off the grill at the right temperature.

The second thing that I like is that I can keep an eye on it with my phone and not have to keep checking on it all the time. It is connected to my WiFi and I can work inside and it will let me know if something is happening.

Cons of a pellet grill.

Every product has pros and cons and what I have been told is that the cons of pellet grills are that sometimes the electronic messes up and makes the temperature go off track. That is the reason I like the fact that I can keep an eye on it on my phone.

The first result

I was advised the first time not to use an expensive piece of meat and try something cheap to get used to the grill. I choose chicken thighs and wings since that was on sale in my local grocery store.

grilled chicken on a plate
My grilled chicken

I am very happy with the result and am comfortable enough to use some other meat soon. Let me know what you think.

William Roberts.

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