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Best place to start a vegetable garden in your yard

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The right choice and the right place where you want to put your garden depends a lot on the results you are going to obtain, the work you are going to do, and other fundamental aspects in the development of your garden or orchard.

In today’s article, you will be able to see a general idea when choosing the best place for you to start your garden.

The best garden spots share a number of characteristics that will give your crops the ideal environment for them to grow and thrive, including:

  •    Sun.
  •    Airflow.
  •    The slope of the land.
  •    Water drainage.
  •    The healthy land.
  •    If space does not have one or more of these.

The sun in the garden

The plants in your garden need sun, and it depends on the type of plant we choose that requires plenty of suns. Choose a place that receives and is assured of sunlight for much of the day.

The flow of air in the garden

The plants need good air circulation to help maintain a constant temperature and humidity levels and prevent disease. Choose a location that has good airflow but is too exposed to high winds that can break your plants. Taller plants can suffer from strong winds; help yourself with a guide such as a rod or cane on the ground to hold these types of plants.

The slope of the land

The exits and sunsets are important for organic gardening.

Depending on the climate and the area in which you are going to cultivate, you have to bear in mind that a good choice of planting place can help you get better results.

If you live in colder places, you can give the sun in your garden time to give your harvest a boost by placing it on a south-facing hillside. Conversely, if the weather is warmer, it can help maintain the temperature at the peak of the scorching summer sun, with a north-facing slope. When in doubt, choose a south-facing slope for the longer growing seasons.

Either way, if you decide to plant on a slope to take advantage of these benefits, it shouldn’t be too steep to avoid erosion. If you only have excessively steep slopes, build flower beds or terraces to find flatter levels.

Water drainage in the garden

A good place to plant your garden needs good drainage. If your garden soil can’t get rid of the water after heavy rain, too much water could damage and ultimately kill your crop.

To determine if the site has poor drainage, look for puddles after heavy rain. You will know that the place is too humid if it takes a long time to dry after heavy rain or if the ground cracks when it does not dry.

The healthy soil

The best way to know if you have healthy soil is to take some of it out and evaluate it directly.

Healthy soil tends to be dark brown and crumbly, and it should be squeezed through your fingers. Both sand, dirt, grains, or rocks should not be frequent on your floor.

If you have found the perfect place to start your garden, since it has adequate sun, the air it gives it is enough for good circulation between your plants, the slope and drainage are optimal, do not worry too much about the existing soil as there are many options to make it productive.

How to start

Now you know what you need and what to look for it is time to get our hands dirty. This video will show you how to start from scratch and start your firs vegetable garden.

I think I have provided you with about all the information you need to make a well estimated guess on where to start a vegetable garden in you yard.

I hope you have success growing you first vegetable just as I did.

William Roberts

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